Weekend in LA

Let’s go to the movies this weekend.

The Don’t Knock The Rock Film Series continues with four really fascinating music documentaries.

Thursdays double feature presents Wheedle’s Groove about the late 60’s Soul Music scene in Seattle and The Jim Sullivan Story tells the tale of the folk singer and his mysterious disappearance in New Mexico in 1975.

Thursdays late showing is The Ballad of Mott The Hoople which showcases the band and their insane lifestyle.  They probably invented the phrase “Go Big or Go Home”

The Saturday matinée screening pretty much says it all.  Rhino Resurrected: The Incredibly Strange Story Of The Worlds Most Famous Record Store.  

All screenings are at The Cinefamily (formerly the Silent Movie Theatre) on Fairfax.  Click on Rhino favorite, Wild Man Fischer for details.

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