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The Redhill Valleys


In the mood for a peaceful easy feeling?  I’m always a sucker for harmonies and The Redhill Valleys deliver it threefold (the three being band members Cheslea, Danielle & Tim) with “Wrong Way Turns Out Right”.  As the band from Hamilton, Ontario says in their bio “this was the first song our voices really melded together – when we felt that we had something special.”

Courtney Hart "White Cadillac"


In the mood for a Sin Wagon?  Look no further than Courtney Hart and her no regrets Dixie Chicks-esque song “White Cadillac”. “I’m not the girl, you should be fond of” she purrs.  She’s just loves her six-string guitar.

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I had the good fortune to find myself at the Non-Commvention last week in Philadelphia. It’s held at the WXPN studios and it’s where all the taste makers at music discovery radio stations discovery new music/old music and everything in between.

Documenting the artist showcases is Vuhaus. They’ve been around a year now and they are your go to site for the music you could/might/should love. They have a family of 10 public radio stations that provide much of the live material. If you don’t know these stations, you should.

The Bridge-Kansas City
KCRW-Los Angeles
WFUV-New York
OPB Music-Portland
KDHX-St. Louis
Mountain Stage-West Virginia

Want to hear some of what I heard in Philadelphia? Go to Vuhaus to hear The Record Company, Yeasayer, Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop play Non-Comm 2016

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Mudcrutch "2"Tom Petty is getting the old band back together…again.  Mudcrutch was on the cusp of releasing an album in 1974 when they imploded.  Tom Petty went on to form another band with members of Mudcrutch and the rest as they say is history.  And history doesn’t forget so in 2008 Tom did a one off with the members of his old band and promptly broke them up again…on good terms this time.  They’re back and still kicking in 2016 with the appropriately named “2“.  To say that Tom Petty sounds like he’s having a good time is an understatement.

Please enjoy the first single from Mudcrutch.  Enjoy them now while they’re still a band.

This is the first single “Trailer”

Fun fact: This song is over 30 years old and was the B-side to Tom Petty & The Heartbrearker’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

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The Cure

After the artists from the 60s and 70s play their desert trip show in October, Goldenvoice should move on to the 80s and book The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, U2, a reformed R.E.M., a reformed The Police and a reformed The Smiths (one can dream).

In the meantime, go to the Hollywood Bowl to see The Cure play THREE NIGHTS!   I keep thinking they’ll never return so catch them while you can.  Also, bring plenty of provisions as The Cure is now known to play sets that last upwards of 3/12 hours.  Their set list last week from Dallas contained 34 songs.  It’s pretty impressive.  Springsteen shows aren’t nearly this lengthy.  They opened by playing “Disintegration” all the way through.  How can you not want to be there now!

The Cure Setlist American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA, North American Tour 2016

The Cure

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Quarterly Report

Let’s face it, there is too much music out there to keep up.  We stream an album once and move on to the next one.   But there is so much joy to be gained by listening to an album so many times you know the words by heart.  I listened to Pet Sounds yesterday and it was so great to hear an album that I knew intimately but still derived so much enjoyment from the familiarity of the music.

These are five albums to enjoy right now and get to know intimately.  I’ll limit this to albums released from January to April 30 so I won’t post Radiohead or Beyoncé but spoiler alert, they will be there on my next report.

David Bowie "Blackstar"

David Bowie “Blackstar”

David Bowie “Blackstar” Is it brilliant because we know Bowie left us? No, it’s brilliant because Bowie knew he was going to leave us.

Sturgill Simpson "A Sailor's Guide To Earth"

Sturgill Simpson “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth”

Sturgill Simpson “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” Sturgill carries on Merle’s legacy

Margo Price "Midwest Farmer's Daughter

Margo Price “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

Margo Price “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” Margo ruminates on sex, love, loss, hope and death, in other words it’s a country album but it’s such a fresh take

Savages "Adore Life"

Savages “Adore Life”

Savages “Adore Life” They sing “Is It Human To Adore Life” It is, when you hide this fragile and vulnerable lyrics inside loud, distorted rock. They embrace life and I embrace this album.

Eleanor Friedberger- "New View"

Eleanor Friedberger “New View”

Eleanor Friedberger – New View It reminds me of an early 1970s album that might have been created in Laurel Canyon. Traces of George Harrison and Neil Young can be detected in each and every song. I like this album more with each additional listen.

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2 For 2uesday

My Morning Jacket has remixed and remastered 2003’s classic “It Still Moves” coming out May 27.  Here is their set closing song “One Big Holiday” remixed and remastered for your enjoyment.

My Morning Jacket "It Still Moves" 2016 remixed and remastered

The Posies "Solid State"

I will always have a soft spot for The Posies.  Their album “Dear 23” was probably my most played record back in 1990.  The boys, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer get together every 6-7 years to create their pop gems.  Their new album “Solid States” comes out this Friday and this is one of my favorites from the album, entitled “Titanic”

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May 16, 1966 was a good day

50 years ago these things entered pop culture.

Bob Dylan‘s “Blonde on Blonde” was released.  One of the greatest double albums of all time.

The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” was released.  One of the greatest albums of all time bar none.

Janet Jackson was born.  One of the finest to come from the Jackson family.  Her classic album “Control” celebrated its 30th anniversary in February.

Celebrate today by listening to all three.

Bob Dylan "Blonde On Blonde" The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds:"

Janet Jackson


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New Music Friday

Corinee Bailey Rae "The Heart Speaks In Whispers"Short and sweet today.  After last week’s explosion of new releases from Beyonce, Drake and Radiohead, it’s nice to have something a little introspective like this new album from Corinne Bailey Rae entitled The Heart Speaks In Whispers.  It’s been six years since her last album.  It’s nice to hear her sweet, soulful voice once again.

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Get Out

It must be May because the outdoor shows are starting to materialize.


What a great treat to hear two of the finest singer-s0ngwriters play their songs under the stars at The Greek Theatre.  John hasn’t put out any new music in over ten years and yet his catalog of music still holds up amazingly well, as does his guitar playing.  Jason Isbell is accumulating quite a catalog of memorable songs as well.  I hope they share the mike on a few songs.


It might feel like 1995 at Irvine Meadows as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer and Garbage take the stage for the KROQ annual Weenie Roast.  Irvine Meadows is closing its doors at the end of the summer so this is a nice way to give a nod to the amazing acts that have played this event at this venue.



The big show though is on Saturday in Pasadena where Miss Carter herself, Beyoncé will bring her Formation World Tour to the Rose Bowl.  Expect it to be EPIC.  The show may be sold out but not to worry as she’s returning in September playing Dodger Stadium.


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The Apology

Today, the music world heard two apologies.  One was not unexpected as it involved Gene Simmons running his mouth again and one was just a horrible miscalculation that has left me dumbfounded.

Gene Simmons has apologized for saying that Prince’s death was “pathetic” due to his alleged addiction to painkillers.  Fortunately, Gene”got some shit from my family” for his statements so Gene went to Twitter to post his apology, saying in part “I didn’t express myself properly”

LA based duo band YACHT said a sex tape of theirs had been stolen by someone who was planning to circulate it widely. It was a hoax. For the upcoming music video “I Wanna Fuck You Til I’m Dead,” the band decided they would fake a sex tape leak of YACHT members Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt. Besides being band mates they are also romantically involved.

They said the tape was stolen and so the couple would be taking some control over distribution by selling it for $5 on their website. It was later revealed that the leak of the sex tape was a hoax designed to promote the band. The duo admitted to the hoax and released a video inspired by combining a sex tape with the X-Files.

The have yet to release an apology but judging from the comments on Facebook one should be forthcoming.

UPDATE:  The (half-hearted) apology from YACHT has arrived.  Note to band.  Don’t promote your new video in an apology

Normally I post links to the bands and music but no one here deserves another mention so instead I’ll post the new song from The Lonely Island “I’m So Humble”.  Let’s hope Gene and Yacht get the message.

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