Free Music Friday

I saw The Replacements this week.  My wife called it a hot mess.  I thought it was a pretty tight set from the band.  I was reminded of how ramshackle their shows could be and of course that makes me think of their legendary bootlegged show “The Shit Hits The Fans” Here’s the Wikipedia decscription:

The Replacements "The Shit Hits The Fans"

The Replacements “The Shit Hits The Fans” artwork by Chris Mars

“The Shit Hits the Fans is a cassette-only live album by The Replacements which was released January 25, 1985. It was recorded live at The Bowery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 11, 1984. The cassette J-Card cover art is by drummer Chris Mars. According to the Twin/Tone website, 10,000 copies were produced, of which 9,276 sold immediately. The rest were given away as promotional copies.

The source of The Shit Hits the Fans is a Maxell XL II-S audio cassette. Roscoe Shoemaker, manager and DJ at The Bowery asked Paul Westerberg, whom he knew from previous gigs at The Bowery, if he minded if he recorded the show, to which Westerberg replied, “Why? We suck.” Shoemaker hung two microphones from the front of the deejay booth and recorded the show, which was performed in front of approximately 30 patrons. After the show, Shoemaker went to a party to see the band off as they left Oklahoma City before returning to Minneapolis. When Shoemaker went back to the club, the cassette tape was missing. According to soundman Terry Katzman, the tape was confiscated by sound man Bil Mack, who claimed to have confiscated it from a fan. The audio dropout heard during “Hear You Been to College” is caused by Paul Westerberg who accidentally pressed the record button on a Walkman while listening back to the master copy. If you listen closely he can be heard saying “Stop, ‘s’ enough”.

Of the twenty-four songs on the album only five songs are actually written by the band. The remaining nineteen are cover versions of songs by other artists.”

So without further ado, I give you The Replacements from November 11, 1984.  If you want this thing for yourself…and why wouldn’t you? Go here to download.

Side 1

Side 2

Lawdy Miss Clawdy (LLoyd Price)
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus (Robyn Hitchcock)
Lovelines (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
I’ll Be There (Berry Gordy, Jr./Bob West/Hal Davis/Willie Hutch)
Sixteen Blue (Westerberg)
Can’t Hardly Wait (Westerberg)
I Will Dare (Westerberg)
Hear You Been to College (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
Saturday Night Special (Ed King/Ronnie Van Zant)
Iron Man (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward)
Misty Mountain Hop (Page/Plant/Jones)
Heartbreaker (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)
Can’t Get Enough (Mick Ralphs)
Jailbreak (Phil Lynott)
Breakdown (Tom Petty)
No More the Moon Shines on Lorena (Alvin Pleasant Carter)
Merry Go Round (Nikki Sixx)
Left in the Dark (Ken Draznik)
Takin’ Care of Business (Randy Bachman)
I Will Follow (Hewson/Evans/Clayton/Mullen)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards)
Radio Free Europe (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)
The New World (Cervenka/Nommensen Duchac)
Let It Be (Lennon–McCartney)

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Get Out To A Record Store

Amoeba Music Hollywood

Amoeba Music Hollywood

Saturday is Record Store Day and besides having a number of cool items, many stores are planning their own unique good times.  Fun Fact: The record scene is THRIVING! There are many, many record stores around the LA area.   You can check out other participating record stores at this link. Here’s what’s happening at LA’s finest record shops.

Amoeba Music 

Before Opening…
Coffee & Treats from The Coffee Bean for our early morning customers

All Day
Free Gift Bags

RSD Gift Bags with free purchase (while supplies last)

Caricatures by Rene

All Day
Free Lemonade from our pals at Hubert’s Lemonade

Prize Wheel
$1 a spin gets you cool prizes. Proceeds benefit Downtown Women’s Center.

Gimme Gimme Records

High Fidelity

Mount Analog

Origami Vinyl

Permanent Records

We are opening at 9am and we’ll have hundreds of RSD 2015 exclusives!!!

LA In-store performances start at 5:30pm:
Hoover III
John Doe & Exene (X)
Super Special Secret Headliner!!!  (You’re not gonna wanna miss this one!)

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more details on the super secret headlining band and announcements on which RSD exclusives we’ll have in stock!


P.F. Sloan performance and new release signing April 18 at 2:00pm.

sick city records

The Hub by HRLDRY

Touch Vinyl

We’re celebrating Record Store Day 2015 in style. This is LUCKY FIFTEENS.

Join us from noon-nine pm this Saturday, April 18 as we unleash over 200 RSD units, offer a 15% discount on used records and sell new and recent reissues for just $15.99.

We’ll also be doing giveaways at 1500 hours.


You can show up any time before 12pm to lineup. Those that give us an email address will be able to reserve their spot in line. Once the store opens, you will be allowed into the store 15 people at a time. Limit one of each RSD title per person!

– See more at:

Vacation Vinyl

CD Trader

Freakbeat Records

Freakbeat Records's photo.


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Record Store Day 2015

RSD 2015 Dogfish Poster

Record Store Day is here. While I still love the idea of spreading the love and joy of record shopping, it definitely is a double-edged sword as people line up around the block of their local record store to pay high retail prices for what may or may not be collector’s items.  That said, there are still a number of items that made me raise my eyebrows and think that it might be nice to have in my collection.

Here are five records that might be nice to own.

Elvis Presley “My Happiness”

Everything begins with The King and the beginning began with Elvis recording “My Happiness” and “That’s Where Your Heartaches Begin” in June  of 1953

Jack White bought this Holy Grail of recordings and is not sharing it with the world.  Here’s a little insight re-producing the 10-inch 78rpm disc.

Paul McCartney “The Family Way: Original Soundtrack”

The Family Way is a soundtrack recording composed by Paul McCartney and released in January 1967. The album is the soundtrack to the 1966 film and credited to “The George Martin Orchestra”. From Wikipedia “McCartney’s involvement in the project was minimal, according to biographer Howard Sounes, who quotes George Martin’s recollection that he had to “pester Paul for the briefest scrap of a tune” with which to start writing the score. After McCartney had provided “a sweet little fragment of a waltz tune”, Martin continued, “I was able to complete the score.”

So even though it’s not going to blow your mind musically speaking, it still has the McCartney name attached to it and the album has long been out of print.  I expect this soundtrack sell out fairly quick.

Metallica – “No Life Til Leather”

Released on cassette only, just like it was back in 1982.  This is their demo.  For some people this just as valuable as Elvis’ acetate recording.

Bob Dylan The Basement Tapes 2 version on is in 180g Mono.  

Another Holy Grail artifact that finally came to light last year when this heavily bootlegged album was officially released.  I’m not sure which tracks will be featured on this vinyl edition but each one will have be numbered and signed by The Band member Garth Hudson.

Last but not least, is Record Store ambassador for 2015 Dave Grohl.  He’s releasing the Foo Fighters “Songs From The Laundry Room”. This EP was actually recorded in a laundry room in of his friend’s parents’ houses (he said the kid built a four-track studio in the space).

Side A) 1: “Alone + Easy Target”  (demo version) 2:  “Big Me” (demo version) Side B) 1:  “Kids In America”  2: “Empty Handed”

Here’s Dave talking about his first purchase:

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New Music Tuesday

Calexico "Edge of the Sun"Edge of the Sun
by Calexico

Calexico music reflects on the music they’ve been exposed to from the Southwest area to California for over 15 years now and it still sounds as fresh as when they arrived on the scene in 1997.   Mix in Latin, Mexican and California Surf music with Spaghetti Western sounds and you kind of get an idea of where they’re headed.  You’d think they’d run out of ideas but their first single is an ode to creating songs and the frustrations and joys it brings. It features Ben Bridwell from Band Of Horses on vocals and it’s just another fascinating ingredient to their amazing collage of sounds.

Kathryn Calder S/TKathryn Calder S/T

Fun Fact: New Pornographer’s Carl Newman is Kathryn Calder’s long-lost uncle. (Her mother, who was adopted, discovered that her birth mother was also Newman’s mother.)  Kathryn has been a part of New Pornographers since 2005 and is now set to release her third solo record.  If you don’t use your own name for your debut it usually signifies that when you do finally release an album as “self-titled” you mean it to be your most personal album.   It’s easy to see that may indeed be the case in the relationship song “Take A Little Time”.

How many times can I give you these things
I’ll forgive you, and I’ll forgive me
How many times can I break away
I’ll forgive you, and I’ll forgive me

This is not the full-blown pop music created by New Pornographers but a scaled down 80’s keyboard driven sound and one I’m sure that Kathryn is happy to share as the front woman instead of another member in the 10 person New Pornographers

Dwight Yoakam "Second Hand Heart"Second Hand Heart
Dwight Yoakam

Besides Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, I can’t think of another country artist that has created vital work for 30 years.  Well I just might need to add Dwight Yoakam to the list.  Since 1986 Dwight has donned his cowboy hat and skinny jeans and gone about creating a unique blend of country music fused with a rock and roll attitude.  This album is no exception as Dwight really ups the rockabilly a notch and pushes his band to really rock it out.

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Bands with similar sounding names

Opening act for Benjamin Booker last week at The Roxy was a band playing Coachella this year from Leeds called Eagulls.  They really knocked me out.  Lead singer George Mitchell sounds like Robert Smith and the band reminds me of the shoe gazer bands of the 90s like the recently reunited Ride.  But the band’s name got me to thinking that there must be no way Don Henley or Glenn Frey are familiar with this band otherwise they would insist they add a UK or Jr. at the end of their name.

There is Apple Computers and The Beatles Apple Corps, there is  Rolling Stone Magazine and The Rolling Stones and I used to work for a music company called DMX (Digital Music Express) which was no relation to the gravely voiced and always incarcerated artist DMX (Dark Man X).  No one seemed to have a problem with these names, although it took until 2007 for the Apples to settle their disputes.

Here are a few bands that have the same issues.

Eagulls-Indie rock band from Leeds


Eagles- Corporate rock band from LA


A$AP Rocky – Hip Hop artist from Harlem. First gained notice in 2011 with Peso  Produces under name Lord Flacko



Aesop Rock – Pronounced the same as A$AP. Hip Hop artist and producer. First gained notice in 1997. He is a member of the groups The Weathermen, Hail Mary Mallon, The Uncluded (with Kimya Dawson)and Two of Every Animal



The Dear Hunter – A progressive rock band originating from Providence, Rhode Island



Deerhunter- Indie rock band hailing from Atlanta Georgia. They have described themselves as ambient punk.

Neither of these bands should be confused with Deer Hoof or Deertick



Action Bronson – Coachella 2015 hip hop star hailing from Queens, NY


Archie Bronson Outfit – Rock band from London


Bryan Adams- Canadian born November 5. Wrote all your favorite karaoke songs from the 80s.



Ryan Adams – Born in North Carolina on November 5 (15 years after Bryan). Once had some serious issue dealing with his audience yelling Bryan Adams songs at his shows. He’s know releasing some of the best music of his career.


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AC/DC 1981

AC/DC For Those About To Rock tour 1981

For those about to rock at Coachella, here’s a reminder that AC/DC should be saluted.  They are still Rock Gods among us mere mortals.  Here is a vintage concert from Landover, MD 1981 of AC/DC on their For Those About To Rock tour.  If anything watch just the first five minutes as this almost spills into Spinal Tap territory as Santa Claus descends from the roof straddling the “Hell’s Bell”, but it works to perfection.  I also recommend scanning to 25:45 to hear Back In Black which is so funky I can imagine hip hop kids immediately wanting to sample this beat. Enjoy!

1) Hells Bells – 00:16
2) Shot Down in Flames – 6:32
3) Sin City – 10:16
4) Shoot To Thrill – 16:56
5) Put the Finger on You
6) Back in Black – 25:45
7) Bad Boy Boogie – 30:01
8) Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – 45:15
9) The Jack – 49:44
10) Highway to Hell – 55:50
11) What Do You Do for Money Honey – 59:44
12) Let’s Get it Up – 1:03:43
13) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap -1:07:55
14) Whole Lotta Rosie – 1:12:24
15) Let There Be Rock – 1:17:15
16) You Shook Me All Night Long – 1:31:24
17) For Those About to Rock – 1:35:04
18) T.N.T. – 1:41:04

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Get Out

Now that all the hipsters are out in the desert at Coachella, we’ve got the whole city to ourselves.  Rejoice!

Since last Friday was Good Friday, this Friday gets to be First Fridays at The Natural History Museum.

This month features a really great lineup with White Fence and Cherry Glazzer and because all the hipsters are away tickets are still available.

If you’re a fan of the Nuggets psychedelic rock records, you’re going to flip out when you hear White Fence and Cherry Glazzer.

Let’s hope that since KCRW is sponsoring the show that Chery Glaser introduces the band.

And just in case you want to still hang out with the hipsters, Paste Magazine has listed 7 Coachella Alternatives.  Enjoy!


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Coachella Top 10 2015

As someone in the upper, upper demos for Coachella, there are far many different options of music to check out then for someone that’s just going for the  EDM all weekend long.  But for those who like to rock, we salute you.  Here are my top ten favorites from each day of the festival.  My apologies if some bands are on simultaneously.  As of this writing, Coachella had yet to post set times.  UPDATE: Set times are now posted


1) AC/DC – Every band on this bill has either sampled or stolen riffs from this band.  See them now before they fade away

2) Action Bronson – Don’t like rap?  Give this a guy a chance, he’ll win you over.

3) Alabama Shakes – Lead singer Brittany Howard wins over every audience with her dynamic performance.  Coachella should be no different

4) Allah-Las We gotta support our local bands and the Allah-Las sound they should be performing at The Whisky-Go-Go circa 1967

5) Angus & Julia Stone These Australian Folk Rockers will be a good excuse to lay on the polo grounds grass and soak up their mellow sounds

5) Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires – Love James Brown?  So does Charles and you’re going to love him.

6) Haerts – Miss the 80s? So do Haerts even though they were probably born during the latter half of that decade they put their own unique spin on the 80s pop song

7) Interpol – Hard to believe it’s been more than 10 years since their landmark album “Turn On The Bright Lights”. It’ll be great to hear these songs under the bright sun of Coachella

8) Lykke Li – This Swede always give a compelling performance and I’m sure she’ll mesmerize the festival crowd

9) Ride – The famed shoe gaze rock band is back from the 90s. It should be interesting to see if their music still resonates as well as it did before we gazed at our phones.

10) Tame Impala – I have a feeling this band will dominate especially when they break into their song “Elephant”


1) Benjamin Booker and/or Jack White – If you love Jack. Go see Benjamin who will hopefully see some of the musical heights that Jack is now reaching.

2) Father John Misty – There’s not a comedy tent at Coachella so Father John will have to do.  He’s got a very dry sense of humor that may help connect or lose the audience.  The songs will always bring the audience back to him.

3) FKA Twigs – She brings a sound that is reminiscent of the drum and bass sound from the 90s with a modern R&B twist

4) Jungle – A Mercury Prize nominee in 2014 for their debut album.  It will be curious to see how they deliver a live show.

5) Kasabian – Epic English Rock from a decade ago.  I hope they can still bring the noise

6) Parquet Courts and/or Drive Like Jehu – If you loved Drive Like Jehu, you’ll love Parquet Courts.  If you’ve never heard of Drive Like Jehu but love Parquet Courts, you’re in for a treat.  If you’ve never heard of either band you’ll remember them after witnessing their shows

7) Run The Jewels – They’re album Run The Jewels 2 seemed to be on everyone’s favorite album from last year.  I expect insanity from the crowd when they break into “Close Your Eyes”

8) St. Paul & The Broken Bones – I fear this band will be lost in the hipster crowd of Coachella.  Don’t be fooled this will be a soulful musical treat for all those that witness their show

9) Swans – With Sonic Youth broken up, this band is back to show you what the No Wave scene was all about.

10) War On Drugs – Another band playing off a brilliant album. I hope they can deliver the goods to an audience who might lose their patience with a band that likes their songs to slowly build to maximum effect.


1) Angel Olsen – Same thing as War On Drugs.  Those that are patient and really dig into her songs will be rewarded

2) Built To Spill – This band has been around for 20 years.  It’ll be great to hear these songs in an outdoor setting and I’m sure they’ll extend these songs out as the only band that might be considered a jam band.

3) Drake – Some people are upset, he’s headlining but all will be forgiven once he delivers his thoughtful rhymes and beats to the masses

4) Florence + The Machine – I happened to see Florence at Coachella years ago and I’ve been a loyal disciple of her music ever since.

5) Kaskade – This is as close to EDM as I get.  It’s dance music but with some appealing melody.

6) Marina and The Diamonds – Love Madonna?  You’re going to love Marina And The Diamonds

7) Ryan Adams/Jenny Lewis – Go see Ryan and hear his brilliant new album.  I’m sure Jenny will be there to sing on a song or two.  I’m sure Ryan will be at Jenny’s show.  He produced her last brilliant album.

8) Sloan –  Ask any Canadian and they’ll tell you how much Sloan rocks

9) St. Vincent – Annie Clark puts on a brilliant show, incorporating choreography, lights and stellar guitar work.  In other words, the kids will eat this up.

10) Sturgill Simpson – Sturgill is doing a residency at the Polo Grounds as he’s  playing both Coachella for two weeks and then staying for the next weekend to play Stagecoach.  In other words, he just might be the most interesting artist to play this festival.  Go see him!


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Brian Wilson’s Year

Now over 50 years into his career, it looks like 2015 is going to be one of Brian Wilson‘s most productive.

Last month saw a celebration of the music of Brian Wilson.  Here’s Al Jardine, Norah Jones and Brian singing “Surfer Girl”

Brian’s new album “No Pier Pressure” comes out today.

Brian Wilson No Pier Pressure [Deluxe Edition]

Brian Wilson No Pier Pressure

 Late last year in anticipation of Brian’s new album a performance was recorded in Las Vegas with the artists from the album.

Here’s the first single “The Right Time” with fellow Beach Boys Al Jardine and David Marks.

The event I’m most looking forward to is “Love & Mercy”. The story of Brian Wilson as played by Paul Dano (circa 60 era Brian) and John Cusack (circa 80s to current Brian).  Reviews so far have been good and I have high hopes for this movie coming out on June 5.

Brian will be on tour all summer long.  I’ll see you “on the island”.

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Hitters Walk Up Music

Opening week of baseball.  Everyone feels positive this will be there year.  Good vibes all around.  By the month of May excuses start and questions arise.  Each game brings new hope and each at bat gives the player a  chance to make something happen.  Part of the fun is the music a player selects to pump him up, perhaps it reveals a little bit of his personality, perhaps it’s a ploy to psych out the pitcher, perhaps it’s a way confuse the crowd (“Call Me Maybe”, really Drew Hutchinson?).  In any event, this music is like a hitter’s theme song so without further adieu, here are ten very different songs baseball players use as they step to the plate.  Happy Opening Day!

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins

Drake “Lord Knows”

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

Led Zeppelin “Kashmier”

Prince Fielder Texas Rangers

Prince Fielder Texas Rangers

Mozart “Requiem”

Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

Brantley Gilbert “Hell On Wheels”

Jason Werth Washington Nationals

Jason Werth Washington Nationals

Warren Zevon “Werewolves Of London”

Adrian Gonzalez Los Angeles Dodgers

Adrian Gonzalez Los Angeles Dodgers

Mariachi Vargas “El Mariachi Loco”

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers

Kanye West feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz “Mercy”

Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals

Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals

Justin Timberlake “Only When I Walk Away”

Drew Hutchinson Toronto Blue Jays

Drew Hutchinson Toronto Blue Jays

Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe”

Matt Holiday St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Holiday St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Holiday St. Louis Cardinals

WWE: Crank It Up (Big Show) [Feat. Brand New Sin] Jim Johnston

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