The Decline Of Western Civilization

The Decline Of WEstern Civilization Collection

As a music fan based in LA I am so thankful that two documentaries exist.  One is The Decline Of Western Civilization and the other is The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Metal Years.  The former is about the punk rock scene in LA in the late 70s and the later follows the hair metal scene that exploded in LA some ten years later.  There was still a huge generation gap and most adults did not understand nor wanted to understand these genres of music.  Enter Penelope Spheeris, a producer of Albert Brooks films and SNL shorts.  And as she explains it, she found the LA punk scene fascinating.

The most honest scene in The Metal Years is Ozzy cooking breakfast and telling the absolute truth about the rock and roll lifestyle these kids wanted

The amazing news is these films along with Part III that follows the gutter punk lifestyle of homeless teenagers is now available for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Getting music rights is a true nightmare, but the footage is truly amazing and this is well worth the wait.

Watch it and wonder what ever happened to that Wet Cherri guy

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