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Van and Otis in LA

Not much with new releases this week but I think I failed to mentioned last year two epic releases. One is Otis Redding performing a three-night run at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip—seven sets, recorded April 8-10, 1966—even the between-song banter. Presented in chronological order, this 6-CD set includes all of […]

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Get Out

Are you going to the second weekend of Desert Trip but you think 3 days isn’t enough?  Rest assured there are a few options for you Thursday entertainment.  By the way, it looks like the first weekend of Desert Trip was a big success as prices on StubHub are going for a higher price then […]

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Reworking the catalogue

Earlier this year, Van Morrison released “Reworking the Catalogue” whereupon Van reworks a number of his lesser known songs and reinterprets them through a duet with a different partner for each tune.  It mostly works because these songs are not untouchable Van standards and can be listened to and appreciated for their fun, looseness and  creative arrangements. […]

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Van Morrison is 70

Sir George Ivan Morrison aka Van Morrison is now part of the septuagenarian generation.  He may be far past his days of appealing to a pop audience but like each following generation, there will be those kids that will do the research and learn that the musical styles of Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers and even the confessional […]

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The Last Waltz

Thanksgiving gives me a chance to watch my favorite concert film, “The Last Waltz”.  It was performed on Thanksgiving Day 1976. 2011,  I posted  Neil Diamond’s “Dry Your Eyes”. 2012, I posted The Band’s “Don’t Do It” 2013, I posted Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” This year I’m going with Van Morrison’s Caravan.  Van plays this with […]

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Business time

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a list of an album per decade to put on when you think it may be business time. Click on the photo to hear them on Spotify. Be careful if you listen to these albums at work as sexiness may spontaneously erupt.  Enjoy! Frank Sinatra “In The Wee Small Hours 1955 […]

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