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New Music Tuesday

Since it’s Letterman week, let’s highlight those artists that have performed on the show and have new/old music coming out this week. At Your Service Sammy Hagar & The Circle Live performance from Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson jamming on 19 Classic Rock tracks. Sammy “Best Teeth In Rock and Roll” […]

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New Music Tuesday

When the waters of inspiration run dry it sometimes is a good idea to look back on your career to regenerate those fires and that’s exactly what three of the artists releasing music this week did. For the centerpiece of Jackson Browne’s new album “Standing In The Breach” , Browne opened up his vaults and found […]

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Musical Couples

This week I’m going to see Patty Griffin and the very next day, Robert Plant.  Both have off days on the day their significant other is playing so I’m hoping they’ll each make a cameo at their partner’s show.  It’s a great musical couple and in salute to this couple I’m listing a few other […]

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Shopping In LA

’tis the season to get shopping.  I’m not a big fan of it unless there’s some novelty factor involved.  Fortunately, there’s a couple of fun events planned for this weekend. Saturday is Amoeba’s Holiday Charity Auction.  Items auctioned off include concert tickets, a signed Williams Shatner book and an Ozzy framed canvas print.  Amoeba promises to […]

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Old Friend

It’s the classic quandary.  People love artists like Stevie Nicks or Paul Simon or REM and yet whenever they release something new the traditional avenues of promotion are rolled out like  touring, radio airplay, TV appearances, interviews and magazine reviews. Stevie Nicks just released a very good album and yet I’m sure she got more exposure […]

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