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New Music Friday: Ryan Adams

Let’s call this new album from Ryan Adams the Post-Valentine’s Day record. What can you say about Ryan Adams? He is pretty consistent with his album output. Prisoner is his 16th in 18 years as a solo artist.  Prisoner is his breakup album.  His 6 year marriage to Mandy Moore officially ended last year so one […]

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Artists on Talk Shows during the convention are killing it

I’ve been watching a lot of talk shows the past couple weeks and no matter which way you lean, there is no doubt in my mind that the artists have carefully selected the appropriate songs to play. Here’s Ryan Adam‘s performance of “Oh My Sweet Carolina” on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. This is for […]

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New Music Friday

Two projects from artists you know doing something slightly different than what you might expect. Matt Berninger is the lead singer of The National and is known for his dark lyrics. Brent Knopf is best known for being in the quirky, indie band Menomena.  Two seemingly different artists come together to form the duo El […]

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Favorite Halloween Theme Music Videos that are not Thriller

No question, we all love Thriller but sometimes we need slightly different thrills to add to our Halloween enjoyment.  Here are a dozen videos that make my body start to shiver. Because no no mere mortal can resist; the evil of the thriller. Nine Inch Nails “Closer” Rotating hanging bodies, pig heads on a stick. Creepy factor […]

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2 For 2uesday

I would be doing you all a disservice if I did not post Ryan Adams salute to Taylor Swift‘s 1989 followed by Father John Misty‘s tongue in cheek salute to Ryan Adam’s salute with a nod to the Velvet Underground.  You got more than two songs from each artist.  Aren’t you the lucky one?  The […]

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Bands with similar sounding names

Opening act for Benjamin Booker last week at The Roxy was a band playing Coachella this year from Leeds called Eagulls.  They really knocked me out.  Lead singer George Mitchell sounds like Robert Smith and the band reminds me of the shoe gazer bands of the 90s like the recently reunited Ride.  But the band’s […]

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President bands

Today we celebrate all our Presidents of these United States and I celebrate by listing a number of my favorite bands that have a President in their name.  Sure it’s a stretch but this is my blog. Carter Family Jimmy may have been the 39th President but The Carter Family was the first family of […]

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Free Music Friday

Hey Wake Up! Anyone who’s ever been a kid is probably familiar with author and illustrator Sandra Boynton.  Well she’s now venturing into the world of music producing and she’s off to a fine start with her album “Frog Trouble”.  Some of my favorite artists are on here including Alison Krauss, Dwight Yoakam and Fountains of […]

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2011 Favorite Albums

This list changes every day but these albums seemed to stay on whenever I made a change.  So here they are in no particular order…except for the first one. Any one who reads my blog or listens to the radio or watches tv or is ever on the internet and consumes pop culture should not […]

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New Music Tuesday

Apparently Halloween is near as the freaks are starting to come out and release new music. By freaks, I mean beloved artists that have shown their freaky side a few times in their career. The first freak is Peter Gabriel.  He may look like a harmless grandfatherly figure now but during his Genesis days he […]

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