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Happy Birthday, Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee turns a very nimble 62 today.  In honor of Geddy’s birthday and the fact that I’m going to see RUSH this week and I am PUMPED, let’s look at some Geddy Lee fun facts. 1) Most people know that Geddy’s real first name is Gary.  His Yiddish-accented grandma always pronounced his name with […]

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Halloween New Music Friday

While it’s hard to beat “Monster Mash”, “Thriller”, “Ghostbusters” or anything by Danny Elfman as the ultimate Halloween song, that doesn’t stop people from trying.  The thing that endures and keeps people these songs after all these years is that while the theme is spooks, the tone is always fun.  Here are five songs from […]

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New Music Tuesday

Halloween week means the Princesses and Freaks are coming out. Just in case you live under a rock, you might not realize that Taylor Swift has a new album out this week.  Unlike Beyoncé and U2 that used the element of surprise to release their past albums, Taylor is doing it like it’s 1989. Taylor […]

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