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2017 Grammy predictable predictions

The 2016 Grammy are over but the 2017 award winners are already shaping up.  We already know that Adele’s 25 will win in the Best Album category (especially as a make good for her horrific sound issues at this year’s show).  Because Adele will win, we now know Kanye West will not be in attendance. […]

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Get Out

Summer may seem like it’s over but you can still enjoy the beach while grooving to some fine tunes. You know them as the band that invades your Facebook feed because all your friends are sharing the latest video from OK Go.  Thursday they take to the beach for the Santa Monica Twilight Series.  Fun fact: […]

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The Viral Band

The band OK Go has found their niche.  A long, long time ago, back in 2002 OK Go was on a major label and the major label did what major labels do, try to get radio and video airplay with the single, get the CDs in the stores, get them in magazines and sent them on […]

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Muppet Music

There’s only one record to worth your attention this week.   OK  Go does the theme song and the video debuts today.  The Fray does “Mahna, Mahna”, My Morning Jacket, Weezer and Andrew Bird also put their fingerprints on other Muppet classics. I anticipate awesomness.  The movie comes out in November and  I’m hoping the movie is […]

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MTV 30th Anniversary

Yes, it’s been 30 years since MTV launched.  Even though you probably don’t watch it anymore because there’s nothing but filth on there (My Dad would be proud that I finally came around to his point of view). People still care because it has helped shape who they are culturally.   I  know all 5 […]

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