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Lana and Frances and Courtney

In the June 2014 issue of the The Guardian Lana del Rey, 28, was quoted as saying ,”I wish I was already dead,” after being asked about her heroes Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, who both died at age 27. Not surprisingly, Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain had some comments for her via […]

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Get Out

This week instead of music how about some spoken word action, both comedic and tragic? First we get the silly with the KROQ April Foolishiness.  Here are a few classic bits from the lineup. Remember, this is comedy so it’s mostly NSFW! Tenacious D Iliza Shlesinger Jay Mohr tells the best Tracy Morgan story After […]

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Best Albums 2014

  Music is so niche that most best album lists I’ve viewed contain maybe two or three albums I’ve actually heard.  It’s so personal but I try to choose albums that I think may have a longer shelf life and that I think get better upon frequent listens.  I also think it’s no coincidence that […]

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Grammy misses

All award shows open themselves up to scrutiny once they announce their nominees.  Someone’s always going to find fault with the selections.  So why should I be any different. The 2015 Grammy nominees were announced last week and  there were some fine and worthy selections.  No glaring mistakes.  I do believe though that they may […]

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Best singles 2014…so far

I still love albums but it’s those earworms that you hear endlessly and make you sing along unconsciously that make pop music so irresistible.  Here are my top ten favorites of songs that I can’t seem to shake, no matter how horrified I may be at the lyrical content. I’m looking at you Jason Derulo […]

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Get Out

This is the weekend to check out the ladies.  Chick a wah wah!  No matter the sex these are amazingly talented artists and they can all be found this weekend at either the El Rey or The Shrine Let’s go all the way back to 1997 when a trio of women collectively named Luscious Jackson […]

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John F. Kennedy…Rockstar

He was charismatic, good looking and had fabulous hair and meant to be a music video star so here are a number of videos that feature the 35th President of the United States with original footage and/or creative interpretations of that fateful day on November 22, 1963. Human League “Seconds” Steve Stein/Steinski and Mass Media […]

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Favorite Albums 2012

Well I seem to be in the minority now but I still love the album.  I guess that’s why all my favorites this year reminded me of past artists’ work.    Here’s my list of favorites in no particular order: Frank Ocean Channel Orange – It feels like Prince wrote a love letter to the […]

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New Music Tuesday

Poet/Muse/Musical Genius Leonard Cohen comes down from the mountaintop (or from wherever he lives but I’m sure it’s on a mountaintop) to deliver “Old Ideas“.  What are these old ideas? The usual, love, hope, faith, sex, everything you need in life.  Although judging by the opening lyrics of this album,  Leonard will have none of […]

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Artist Development

Perhaps you’ve heard of Lana Del Rey, maybe you have not. In any case, in August 2011 her video for the song “Video Games” became a viral sensation and currently sits at over 20 million views. Tastemaker Pitchfork declared it the 19th best song of 2011.  In December her next video was released for “Born […]

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