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Substitute Singers

It was officially announced this past weekend that Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose would join AC/DC on their “Rock or Bust” tour, taking the place of Brian Johnson, who just retired due to hearing issues. It was also announced that “Oldchella” would be taking over the Polo Grounds in Coachella Valley with The Rolling […]

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Coachella lineup 2016

This is not your father’s Coachella.  They finally did it and kicked out the 40+ age group that attends these shows.   I looked on Facebook and my entire feed (i.e. old people)  was utter disappointment.  And honestly this is the way it should be.  I was in Starbucks today and the high school kids were […]

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2016 Predictions

Let’s stare into the crystal ball and see what might happen in 2016. Coachella – It’s pretty much confirmed that Guns ‘n Roses and LCD Soundsystem will headline.  I’m going to guess that Axl will go on late, they’ll cut the cord and he’ll throw a tantrum and refuse to play the second weekend. Meanwhile, […]

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2 For 2uesday

Courtney Barnett released one of my favorite albums this year so it stands to reason that anything else she releases would be just icing on the cake.  Well this icing is pretty sweet as Courtney is releasing a single on Jack White’s Third Man Records label. Both A and B sides are produced by Jack […]

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Get out during Rocktober

Happy Rocktober!  I don’t care of the expression was played out by 1982, I still wanna rock and the best venue to do that this month is none other than The Hollywood Bowl.   This month, during its “off-season” the Bowl will host 13 events.  All of them are worth checking out except for Jimmy […]

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Best albums of 2015…so far

As I was compiling my favorites from the past 6 months, I realized they all reminded me of different artists that I already loved.  I guess it was the familiar mixed in with the new that made these albums so fun and familiar and yet so varied/ Bob Dylan “Shadows In The Night” I’m even […]

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New Music Tuesday

Sometimes I’m wistful for the early 70s Laurel Canyon music scene and the carefully crafted folk song. Then I step back and realize we have a couple of artists that are creating music just as invigorating and thoughtful as Joni Mitchell or Jackson Browne. I’m talking about Courtney Barnett and Laura Marling and they both […]

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Grammy misses

All award shows open themselves up to scrutiny once they announce their nominees.  Someone’s always going to find fault with the selections.  So why should I be any different. The 2015 Grammy nominees were announced last week and  there were some fine and worthy selections.  No glaring mistakes.  I do believe though that they may […]

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Best singles 2014…so far

I still love albums but it’s those earworms that you hear endlessly and make you sing along unconsciously that make pop music so irresistible.  Here are my top ten favorites of songs that I can’t seem to shake, no matter how horrified I may be at the lyrical content. I’m looking at you Jason Derulo […]

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Australian/New Zealand Invasion

First off, my apologies if lumping Australia and New Zealand together is offensive.  Perhaps those down under lump the US and Canada together. And although this is not exactly the 70s when the BeeGees, Andy Gibb, Olivia-Newton John and Helen Reddy ruled the charts nor is it the 80s when INXS, Men At Work and […]

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