Steve Martin Music “Highlights”

Steve MartinComedian, Author, Actor, Art Collector, Banjo Player: Steve Martin is many things.  One thing he is not, is a good singer.  Has that stopped him?  Of course not.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  So in honor of Steve Martin’s 68th I present you with some bad pudding. Enjoy!

Here are ten Steve Martin music moments

This song actually made it all the way up to #72 on the Billboard Charts.

Strangely enough this “song” rocketed all the way up to #91 on the charts and thus, ended Steve’s Billboard Top 40 career.

Steve wised up and knew he had to partner with someone far more talented.  This is a great scene from “The Jerk”

Harmonizing was perhaps only a suggestion on this song.

Perhaps lip syncing to Billie Jean was a good idea.

Steve as a masochistic dentist was perfect casting.

One of the biggest bombs in box office history features Steve Martin singing…coincidence? You be the judge.

I think Steve has more success when he duets with body parts i.e. brains

It takes balls to sing like this.

Steve wised up by partnering with a good band that could do everything for him.

Encore:  I can’t leave out King Tut

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