Springsteen and I

Springsteen and I is playing in theaters tonight (July 22 and July 30).  It’s a documentary that tells the story of the relationship between an artist and his fans.  Every Springsteen fan has a story so here’s mine.

It was a long, long time ago in a far away place called the West San Fernando Valley.  I’d been a Springsteen fan for a couple years.  The first album I bought was The River.  The first Springsteen biography book I bought was Born To Run by Dave Marsh. The video I saw was “Rosalita“.  Basically I knew that I would love Bruce because I had heard so much about him. Since this was such a long, long time ago we had no internet.  The closest thing to an internet for a high school kid was my local record store, Licorice Pizza.

Licorice Pizza Bruce was going to tour soon in support of the Born In The USA album and I remember calling Licorice Pizza on probably a daily basis to find out when they would go on sale.  Finally I learned that tickets would become available so my friends planned a sleepover in front of the store.  That’s right.  Tickets used to be distributed on a first come-first served basis.We were probably about 20th in line.  To this day, I still don’t know why I let Mark Levine go first before me.  I just let it slide.  And it must have bothered me because I still remember it.  The cool thing though was that there was no internet, just telephone sales  to compete against me getting my tickets and even though it was probably 30 minutes after tickets went on sale, I was finally able to get my golden tickets and I was still able to secure floor seats.  Good ones too.  Nowadays tickets would have sold out in the first 30 seconds.

Anyway my first show was October 25, 1984.  Bruce did not disappoint.  And thanks to the internet, I can relive it  with just a few clicks of a button.  Here’s the setlist.  33 songs including a CCR, Presley and  Rolling Stones cover

  1. Born in the U.S.A.
  2. Who’ll Stop the Rain?
    (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
  3. Prove It All Night
  4. Out in the Street
  5. Reason to Believe
  6. Atlantic City
  7. Open All Night
  8. Mansion on the Hill
  9. Darlington County
  10. Glory Days
  11. The Promised Land
  12. Used Cars
  13. My Hometown
  14. Point Blank
  15. Badlands
  16. Thunder Road
  17. Cover Me
  18. Dancing in the Dark
  19. Hungry Heart
  20. Cadillac Ranch
  21. Downbound Train
  22. I’m on Fire
  23. Pink Cadillac
  24. Bobby Jean
  25. Backstreets
  26. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
  27. I’m a Rocker
  28. Street Fighting Man
    (The Rolling Stones cover)
  29. Jungleland
  30. Follow That Dream
    (Elvis Presley cover)
  31. Born to Run
  32. Detroit Medley
  33. Twist and Shout

I’ll be at the movie.  You should too.  Enjoy!

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