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Spring Break is just around the corner.  Here’s a a few books that might interest you whilst you lie around the pool.  That is what we do during Spring Break right?  Actually Spring was, or at least used to be, about decadence.  So let’s celebrate the decadent lifestyle with some book reading.

The name Mike Doughty might not seem familiar or you might not even remember the band Soul Coughing.  I think you’ll want to visit his music after reading this extremely creative lyricist and performer’s The Book Of Drugs.  This memoir details the typical rock and roll story of an artist that gains a bit of success, becomes jaded, leaves it to go solo and wallows in self pity and drug addiction and recovery.  Lovely, huh?  But in Mike Doughty’s hands it becomes a tale of humor and self awareness and highly entertaining.  Whet your appetite by listening to Soul Coughing and Mike Doughty‘s solo work.





The Velvet Underground are like the Citizen Kane of movies.  Every serious music critic lists them as an influence and yet there has never been a definitive biography of the band until now.  Author Rob Jovanovic compiles new interviews with  members Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker.  You’ll learn all about their success, getting jaded, solo work and wallowing in self pity, drug addiction and recovery.






Duff McKagan was the bassist in Guns ‘N Roses.  Right there you know he’s got a million stories to share and indeed he does.  Duff recounts his rise to monster fame with the band that lead to getting jaded, solo work, wallowing in self pity, drug addiction and recovery.

Even though I may sound jaded myself in my description of these artists’ life journeys, each one is unique and fascinating.  These people take different individual steps to eventually find happiness and contentment in their life and work.  I highly recommend picking up all three of these books.

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