As David St. Hubbins once famously said, “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever“.

1)Treat me like a fool

Treat me mean and cruel

But love me

Wring my faithful heart

Tear it all apart

But love me

2) Found a cure, oh, try it
It’s by far better than any kind of medicine
‘Cause it’ll take away the pain
And here’s the big surprise
Whenever it rains, you’ll have blue skies…

Ooh, love will fix it

 3) Lately I’ve Been Stuck Imaginin’
What I Wanna Do and What I Really Think, Time To Flow Out
Be A Little Inappropriate Cause I Know That Everybody’s Thinkin’ It When The Lights Out
Shame On Me
To Need Release

All three songs talk about longing for love.  I’ll let you decide which ones are clever and which one is stupid.  All I’ll say is that I’m going to miss the songwriting talents of Jerry Lieber (writer of “Love Me”) and Nick Ashford (writer of “Found A Cure”) more than I’ll look forward to the next effort from the trio that came up with Britney Spear’s latest top ten hit.


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