Song Of The Summer

It’s the first day of summer and so we can officially track the “Song Of Summer”. I’m not sure when this became a thing.  Billboard has tracked the summer song since 1985. It’s the songs that are on the charts from Memorial Day to Labor Day, For those of you that are curious the first official song of summer was “Shout” by Tears for Fears.   Last year, OMI’s song “Cheerleader” took the #1 spot.


This year, Drake’s “One Dance” featuring Kyla & Wizkid seems to have the inside track to winning the honor.

Honestly though the summer song can be anything that hearkens back to memories of youth and love and doing nothing and cruising in your car and hanging out with friends and just reminds you of a place and time in your life when you felt carefree.

If I had to pick a summer song for 2016 it would be Tegan and Sara‘s “Boyfriend”


Happy Summer!

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