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I’ve become a big fan of Spotify I can now listen to an amazing  variety of music however as you probably know Spotify has now partnered with Facebook.   Facebook now broadcasts to the world everything you’re listening  to.  Who was the idiot that declared that music needs to be social?

For my birthday one year as a kid I received my first three full length records, The Star Wars Soundtrack, Steve Miller’s Book of Dreams and Shaun Cassidy’s Born Late. 

Hey, I loved the song “Hey Deanie” and The Hardy Boys! When I shared this information with friends I was shamefully mocked.  This same thing happened when I bought the first Duran Duran album.  (Although I guess it’s cool now) I learned to keep my music a secret until I figured it was safe to come out of the closet (so to speak).  Now everyone shares their music but I still turn down the volume and roll up the windows if I’m in my car listening to something that makes me feel shame i.e. Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift and I’m still waiting for some snide “Huey Lewis?!? really?!?!” comment on Facebook.

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