Sing Into My Mouth

This is not a review of the Iron and Wine/Ben Bridwell record Sing Into My Mouth.  The album is a covers record and the song selection is as varied as you might expect from these Folk Rock troubadours.  This is a brief introduction into two artists I had previously never knew existed but their songs are covered on this album.  These artists don’t even have Wikipedia pages.

Unicorn "No Way Out Of Here"The first is the band Unicorn.  This link that I provided is to a webpage that was created probably created in the mid 1990s, never to be updated again, so take whatever I post here with a grain of salt.

The bio is fairly dry reading of their partial success and mostly failures but there is their association with David Gilmour.  The band met him at a mutual friend’s wedding.  Gilmour was intrigued by the bands harmonies and the fact that the drummer, Pete Perryer was their lead vocalist (one of Unicorn’s failings, imho) David Gilmour ended up having a hand in producing three of their albums.  Gilmour is so entrenched with the band Unicorn that Rolling Stone magazine mistakenly gives Gilmour credit for writing the song “There’s No Way Out Of Here”. In fact it was  Unicorn guitarist Ken Baker.

As Unicorn band member Pat Martin tells the Pink Floyd site “Floydian Slip

“We actually recorded ‘(There’s) No Way Out of Here’ on a night that David couldn’t get to the studio. When he heard a rough mix of it a few days later, he phoned me up and told me he thought it was an excellent song, and that it was our best performance in the studio to date. A few days after that he phoned to say that he was going to do it on his first solo album.”

David Gilmour did end up recording the song for his self-titled 1978 album.

Then there’s the band Them Two.  It’s practically impossible to Google them two.  The music website allmusic doesn’t even have any bio information.  I do know that the song “Am I A Good Man” came out in 1971 on Deep City Records and just like Unicorn’s song, “Am I A
Good Man” became more well known by other artists use of the song, specifically  50 Cent and Ghostface Killah among a few others.  One listen to this slow jam and you can easily hear why it would be attractive for sampling. It sounds like a song that belongs in a Quentin Tarantino movie.


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