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President's Day

Today we celebrate all our Presidents of these United States and I celebrate by listing a number of my favorite bands that have a President in their name. ┬áSure it’s a stretch but this is my blog.

Carter Family

Jimmy may have been the 39th President but The Carter Family was the first family of Country Music

Ryan Adams

John and his son John Quincy did not intially earn the respect of the nation until much later. The same can be said for Ryan and upon further reflection he’s got quite a great catalogue of music.

Bill Monroe

James Monroe may have been a founding father but he was not the father of Bluegrass Music

Michael Jackson
Andrew Jackson was known as Old Hickory. The King Of Pop is a better nickname.

George Harrison

William Henry Harrison was President for 32 Days. Benjamin was William’s grandson and helped helped usher in the idea of National Forests. George Harrison’s wrote “Here Comes The Sun” and pondered “What Is Life” His music will live on forever and is therefore the greater of the two.

Isaac Hayes
Rutherford B. Hayes oversaw the end of Reconstruction but Isaac Hayes helped further the cause by becoming the first African-American composer to win an Academy Award for Best Score with this masterpiece.

Brian Wilson
Woodrow Wilson was a leader of The Progressive Movement but no one created harmonies as moving as Brian

George Clinton
I’m sure to this day that Bill Clinton still sings along to the music of the Atomic Dog, George Clinton.

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