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St. Paul & The Broken Bones Record Store Day 2015

St. Paul & The Broken Bones Record Store Day 2015

Things are certainly popping in Alabama.  The past two weeks St. Paul and The Broken Bones were crushing it at Coachella. On Saturday for Record Store Day they released a live record in the shape of their home state.

Now it’s Alabama Shakes turn to grab the spotlight as their second album, Sound & Color is released.  It’s been three years since their debut came out and they spent a great portion of that time gaining new fans with each performance.  There’s no denying that lead singer Brittany Howard is a force to be reckoned with but it’s tough harness that energy in a studio environment.  Their first album only touched on what the Alabama Shakes are capable of and I think this new album is leading them into new territory where they are stretching out the songs and letting them breathe before turning up the heat.  You can hear this intensity in the song from their performance on Saturday Night Live. I expect this album to be in high rotation for me this year.

On the surface Yelawolf seems like he has more in common with Kid Rock or his employer Eminem (he’s on his label) than anything from the state of Alabama (he’s from Gadsden, Alabama).  While Yelawolf is a hip hop/rock artist he’s also like St. Paul and The Shakes in that he has soul and the blues in his music….he just expresses it differently.

Keep rockin’, Alabama!

Yelawolf "Love Story"

Yelawolf “Love Story”

Alabama Shakes "Sound & Color"


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