New Music Tuesday

I’m not sure what’s in the water in Philadelphia but  here are three indie bands from Philly.  They all  have new albums coming out this week.  I will bestow upon them the Let’s Not Get Carried Away seal of approval (seal does not actually exist nor is it binding).

A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Sea When Absent"


Artist: A Sunny Day In Glasgow

From: Philadelphia (I guess “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” was already taken)

Album: Sea When Absent

Sounds like: A mix of Cocteau Twins and a fill Specter wall of noise (not sound but noise)

Donovan Blanc


Artist: Donovan Blanc

From:  Duo from New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Formerly known as Honeydrum

Album: Donovan Blanc

Sounds like: The Church mixed with Echo & The Bunnymen basically 1980s brooding new wave sound.

Strand Of Oaks "Heal"


Artist: Strand Of Oaks

From: Philadelphia, PA.  It’s basically one guy, Tim Showalter

Album: Heal

Sounds like: A mix between the vocals of Ray Lamontagne and The War On Drugs

Vacationer "Releif"


Artist: Vacationer

From: Philadelphia, PA

Album: Relief

Sounds like:  Vampire Weekend meets 1980s Yacht Rock.

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