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English singer/songwriter Lyla Foy is stepping behind her self-imposed alias fortress WALL and making the wise decision to go by her birth name.  The first single “Feather Tongue” could be her inner monologue on deciding whether to step in front and reveal her true identity.

If I turn to leave then all will be easy

If I stay too long the door won’t close

If I turn to leave then all will be easy

Similarly to Lana Del Rey, Lyla’s album “Mirrors The Sky” features soft electric beats and sparse instrumentation that draws the listener.  It’s definitely worth a listen.


Like many great songs, you may find yourself dancing to a song and then look into the lyrics and realize the music is quite depressing.  As lead singer/songwriter Adam Granduciel of the band The War On Drugs says in a recent interview:

Even though I feel some of the content of the lyrics might be lonely, I don’t want to make sad, brooding music, I want to make uplifting music… But lyrically I felt like I had to go into a part of myself I hadn’t done before in my songs or work harder at it. I needed to go there and see how far I could let myself go, and put into music the way I was feeling.

The first single “Red Eyes” sets the perfect example of what Granduciel was striving for as he sings at one point to this indie rock dance beat “Even on a lie, you can have it your way“:

There’s no hiding the music The Strypes want to create.  They just want to rock.  And who can blame them? After all ages of these lads from Ireland range between 16-18 years.   The influence for the band is clearly 60’s garage rock and by all accounts they’ve done their homework and pay homage to the many bands that came before them while still creating their own brand of dirty rock and roll.

Lyla Foy "Mirrors The Sky" The War On Drugs "Lost In The Dream"

The Strypes / Snapshot CD Album

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