New Music Friday

No big releases this year, which led me to discover two new bands.

Kid Canaveral: A Scottish alternative pop band that formed in St Andrews in Fife, Scotland and are now based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They’re a big fan of 80s style alt-pop hooks so naturally I seemed to instantly gravitate toward their music.

Viola Beach: This is a horrible story but hopefully it may get people to hear their music.  This is from their Wikipedia Page.

Viola Beach were an English indie rock group, formed in Warrington, Cheshire in 2013. The band’s lineup consisted of Kris Leonard (guitar and vocals), River Reeves (guitar), Tomas Lowe (bass guitar), and Jack Dakin (drums). All four, along with their manager Craig Tarry, died in a car crash in Södertälje, Sweden, on February 13, 2016

In the week following the crash, their then-current single “Boys That Sing” entered the UK Singles Chart at number 80 and their previous single “Swings & Waterslides” entered at number 11, following a public campaign to boost sales.

Their self-titled album comes out today.

Kid CANAVEAL Faulty Inner Dialogue  Viola Beach

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