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Two projects from artists you know doing something slightly different than what you might expect.

Matt Berninger is the lead singer of The National and is known for his dark lyrics. Brent Knopf is best known for being in the quirky, indie band Menomena.  Two seemingly different artists come together to form the duo El Vy.  For the album, Berninger and Knopf created characters inspired by We Jam Econo, the 2005 documentary about Eighties punk heroes the Minutemen but it also focuses on Berninger’s hometown of Cincinnati.   In an interview in Rolling Stone, Berninger says, “The two main characters — Didi Bloome and Michael — are named after D. Boon and Mike Watt from Minutemen. It was more their friendship than Minutemen the band that inspired EL VY”

Here’s the band playing “Return To The Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome)” on Conan.

There were some raised eyebrows when Ryan Adams announced he was doing a track for track reinterpretation of Taylor Swift’s album 1989.  Was it legit.  Was it going to arrange is songs into something like one of his favorite bands, Iron Maiden?  It actually turned into something unique and thoughtful and most importantly go the blessing of Taylor.  Here they are discussing the song writing process.

Ryan plays “Bad Blood” on The Daily Show.


and just because I love the video, here’s Taylor’s original.

Ryan Adams "1989"

Ryan Adams “1989”

El Vy "Return To The Moon"

El Vy “Return To The Moon”


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