New Music Friday

Familiar names in less than familiar roles this week.

Keith Richards plays guitar for a rock and roll band whose name currently escapes me.  He’s got a solo album out entitled “Crosseyed Heart.  It’s his first since 1992 (that’s 23 years) and like his other solo efforts it sounds like he’s having the time of his life getting to play with a different lineup of mates.

Not coincidently, Keith’s documentary “Under The Influence” comes out on Netflix today.

“Under The Influence” is directed by Morgan Neville. He directed the Oscar winning documentary “20 Feet From Stardom” featuring Darlene Love.  Darlene is moving those 20 feet to center stage for her solo record “Introducing Darlene Love“.  Those of you, like me, that love A Christmas Gift For You have a special place in your heart for Ms. Love (a 2011 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee).  Her voice is so filled with joy that’s it’s impossible to listen without a smile springing forth onto your face.

It’s also a good excuse to post this duet with Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy!


Keith Richards "Crosseyed Heart"  Introducing Darlene Love

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