Musicians come first

SXSW is over and buzzed about bands will continue to be buzzed about while others will go back and work harder to get better.  Hopefully those musicians were in attendance or heard Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech.  His speech contained key phrases that he kept repeating over and over like a mantra or actually more like the chorus to a song.  I think it’s why he’s become so successful and likeable.  There’s no bullshitting with Dave and he knows how to get to the heart of the matter.   Dave’s mantra went something like this,

“Play For Pleasure”
“Don’t Be Judged”
“It’s Your Voice, Cherish It”
“Musicians Come First”

Dave talked about the first time he heard Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” and saw the band Naked Raygun, which made him want to pick up an instrument and play for the simple joy of it.  Through this joy, he found his voice.  Through this voice he created something unique that he found spread joy to others.   Now he hopes others will pick up the mantle and continue the joy of creating music because it’s your voice and the musician comes first.

It’s worth spending an hour of your time to listen to Dave talk about his story.   You can also read the complete text here.  Click on the photo of a bespectacled Dave Grohl. Rock on!

Dave Grohl SXSW keynote 2013


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