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Yesterday I received an email from Paste Magazine that after about a year after ceasing production as a print magazine they have transformed themselves into what they are calling an mPlayer.  I like Paste Magazine and its tagline of “Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture”.  They cover music, films and books I may be interested in but I hate reading on a computer (I know, this coming from a guy that blogs).  This is why I keep my entries brief.  I’m thankful for the 2 minutes you may give me and hopefully I reward you with information about an artist you might not have known previously.

Speaking as someone with a very short attention span (Cows!) I do like to focus on one thing without distractions.  I know we will never go back to a time before the internet when we relied on music critics to bring back tales of life on the road or let us know about a band that was about to be huge (note to self, time to re-watch “Almost Famous”) but I do miss that time.

I did a search for CREEM, my favorite music magazine growing up and I saw this cover.

Jimmy Page - Creem Magazine [United States] (1976)

I can’t stop staring at it.  First of all, this was before Photoshop so we know Robert leans to the left but just the whole layout screams Rock ‘n Roll.  I want to open this up and pour through it.  I can’t do that with an e-zine.  Sad.

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  1. I think there’s something qualitatively different about regular paper magazines that make them at times superior to, and easier to read than web-zines. However, we all know paper mags are going the way of the dinosaur. Just know you’re not alone in remembering and longing for some of the good things that digital technology, a struggling economy, and dwindling resources have made obsolete. On the plus side; you can still enjoy publications that you used to love that have been reborn in a new form. Kind of like us…changing, growing, evolving, but still the same at the core. Ch-ch-ch-Changes. Bowie said it well.

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