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Two music film documentaries are starting to make the rounds.  The first one is out now and playing on Showtime Talihina Sky: The Story Of Kings Of Leon.  This tells the fascinating story of how three brothers and a cousin transformed from speaking in tongues with a Pentecostal minister for a father into a booze hungry, drug infested rock band.  The fact that they’re all related  and know what their childhood was like  is probably a testament to why they put up with each other’s crap day in and day out.    This band will not die no matter what is put in front of them.

Another band that refuses to die is Pearl Jam.  I was fortunate enough to see an advance screening of their documentary celebrating twenty years in existence.    When Andrew Wood lead singer for Mother Love Bone ODs, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament thought of packing it in but only briefly.    They start playing again, record a demo, it lands in the hands of a surfer from San Diego named Edward Louis Severson III aka Eddie Vedder.  He writes lyrics to the demos, Stone and Jeff like it and invite him up to Seattle, they start performing, get a record contract and sell millions.  It’s insane how quickly it happened and it’s amazing that twenty years later they are still together.  There’s great footage of the band’s first few shows but my one beef is that there is apparently no footage of Eddie Vedder before Pearl Jam.  No performances, no demos,  a few pictures but that’s it.  It’s like this guy just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Cameron Crowe directs the documentary and it’s worth checking out when it comes out on September 20.

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