Late For The Sky

Jackson Browne and with son Ethan May 23, 1974

Jackson Browne and with son Ethan May 23, 1974




Late For The Sky came out forty years ago this month and it still packs a punch every time I hear it.

The cover was inspired by L’Empire des Lumieres” (“Empire of Light”), by  René Magritte. The album itself contains the credit, “cover concept Jackson Browne if it’s all reet with Magritte.” The original photograph was shot on a South Pasadena residential street, several miles from Browne’s childhood Highland Park, California home.


L'Empire des Lumieres" ("Empire of Light"), by  René Magritte   

In honor of Jackson playing Way Over Yonder this weekend, here are a few songs from 1974.  The first is from Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.  This song is from 1972’s self-title album.  This guy was only 24 when he wrote this song.  How does someone acquire this much insight at such a young age.

Here’s Jackson and Linda Ronstadt; touring mates in 1974, dueting on track written by  Jack “Peaceful Easy Feeling” Tempchin  and performed in Worcester, MA in 1974.

Here’s Jackson & Bonnie Raitt in 1974 performing “Cowboy Boots”

I’m not sure where this performance is from but Jackson is accompanied by the brilliant guitarist David Lindley (who also played on the album) on “Late For The Sky”

Last, but not least is the album “Late For The Sky”.  Kick back and enjoy a masterwork.

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