In defense of Miley

Doug Fieger was correct when he named the second album from The Knack “…But The Little Girls Understand”.  Parents are shockedSHOCKED!  to find that Miley Cyrus is no longer Hannah Montana!

I went to Miley’s show and was shocked, shocked to find that I actually enjoyed the show.  Miley has been doing her homework.    It’s a great big salute to outrageous shows from years past and I would bet that many of the parents that complained about the show, had in the past attended a similar show that made their parents incensed.  Like all artists that want an extended music career beyond their initial splash (Beatles, Dylan, Madonna to name just three), Miley has taken from the best and made it her own.

Provocative dancing plushies from The Flaming Lips:

Flaming Lips plushies Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour 2014

Provocatively cut dress from Cher

Cher Leotard miley-cyrus leotard

Provocatively touching herself from Madonna

Madonna touching herself Miley Cyrus touching herself

Provocatively riding a hot dog from Phish:

Phish riding a hot dog Miley Cyrus riding a hot dog

She even did a nice cover of Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Me Lonesome When You Go”. Don’t scoff.  If one kid out of the 20,000 in attendance discovers Bob Dylan because of Miley, it’s well worth her effort.

I’ve even already posted something similar when Miley was on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Miley sold me last week.  The main reason is that she is actually singing!  Unlike many of her peers, there was clearly no manipulation going on and she’s got a big strong voice that’s going to hopefully take her in new, exciting musical directions.  I look forward to seeing her mature and expand on the themes and music she’s currently making and make the kids say to their parents “I told you so!”


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