History of The Eagles

“I guess”.

The one thing I learned about The History of The Eagles, now playing on Showtime, is that it took those two words to break up the biggest band of the 1970s.

While all the cool kids were watching the Beyonce documentary on HBO last week, I spent three hours engrossed in the story of the laid back band from Southern California.

Eagles 1970s Let's Not Get Carried Away

Although judging from the comments from Glenn Frey, they never wanted to be the laid back band.  They wanted to rock out.  Original member Bernie Leadon did not, so he left.  Original member Randy Meisner was terrified of not hitting those high notes on “Take It To The Limit” so he left.

And infamously Guitarist Don Felder did not appreciate playing a benefit for Senator Alan Cranston.  It was in 1980 during a pre-show meet and greet when the Senator thanked Don Felder for his time and Don replied with a “You’re welcome….I guess”.  Glenn Frey heard the comment  and like a tea kettle ready to blow so was Glenn.  He did not hide his anger at all threatening that he was looking forward to “kicking Felder’s ass” after the show.  Felder took the hint and bolted out of Long Beach.  The band broke up soon afterward.  Don Henley said the band would get back together when “hell froze over” and in 1994 apparently it did.

It’s a fun story and Joe Walsh is actually lucid enough to tell many amusing tales.  I think everyone made out pretty well which is why they got everyone to tell their story and everyone seems okay with the way things went down.    There’s no bitterness and everyone lives happily ever after.

As a side note, it was so great to see vintage Linda Ronstadt with the Eagles as her backing band.  She needs to get into the Rock Hall!

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