Happy Birthday, Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee turns a very nimble 62 today.  In honor of Geddy’s birthday and the fact that I’m going to see RUSH this week and I am PUMPED, let’s look at some Geddy Lee fun facts.

1) Most people know that Geddy’s real first name is Gary.  His Yiddish-accented grandma always pronounced his name with the D sound.  But did you know his actual last name is Weinrib?  That’s right, the bassist for Rush is Gary Weinrib.

2) Geddy put out a pretty good solo record in 2000.  Who was up to the task to sit in for drummer Neil Peart? It was Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron. It reminds me of the band Primus.

3) Speaking of Primus, in 2014 Geddy accepted Les Claypool’s ice bucket challenge. Wa wa we wah!

4) In that last video, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Geddy Lee challenged newly inducted baseball Hall Of Famer, Randy Johnson to the ice bucket challenge. They have been fast friends for 20 years. Geddy is an avid baseball fan. Randy is an avid Rush fan and shoots photos at Rush shows. Randy used to take the mound to Rush’s “Working Man”

5) Here’s Geddy Lee’s isolated bass track for “Tom Sawyer”. Keep in mind he’s also playing keyboards and singing too.


6) At the 4:30 mark of this amazing geeked out Rush short, Alex Lifeson calls Geddy, Dirk.  In 1974 after Neil Peart joined, the band gave each other the nicknames Dirk (Lee), Lerxst (Lifeson) and Pratt (Peart).

Happy Birthday, Geddy! Keep slappin’ dat bass, mahn.

Geddy Lee Slappin' Dat Bass, mahn

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