Guns N’ Roses 25 years after The Forum

If you live in LA and you love hair metal this is your weekend to relive the glory days.

As you all know, Guns N’ Roses have put aside their differences and are raking in millions reliving their glory days and will play two nights at Dodger Stadium with The Cult.

Good news is the band adheres to its set time so don’t be late.  Bad news it’s not dangerous rock and roll anymore.

Fun fact, it was 25 years ago this month that Guns N’ Roses played four nights at The Forum.  The closing night on August 3, 1991 was the longest one on the whole Use Your Illusion world tour lasting three hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds long. The show starts with Sid Vicious’ version of “My Way” as an intro, Perfect Crime is the first song and Paradise City ends the set.

Guns N' Roses ticket stub from Aug 2, 1991“Double Talkin’ Jive” is dedicated to “some asshole at CBS News who likes to call me a punk”.

Shannon Hoon makes guest appearances on Don’t Cry and You Ain’t The First. Sebastian Bach joins the band for You’re Crazy.

You can hear the bootleg of the show on YouTube.  It’s pretty amazing and marks. in my mind at least, the end of an era.  Nivana’s video for Smells Like Teen Spirit had just been added to MTV essentially ending hair metal and Guns N’ Roses dominance.

Guns N’ Roses essentially broke up after The Use Your Illusion tour ended in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 17, 1993. The tour set attendance records and lasted for 28 months, in which 194 shows were played. The show in Buenos Aires marked the last time that that Slash performed with Axl Rose until 2016.

Talk about Olympic glory, check out this gold medal performance at Rock in Rio circa 1991.  Better yet, check out Axl’s infamous USA biker shorts.   This was probably their peak in all their shirtless splendor.


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