Good Riddance 2016

As I write this on December 28, I am reminded that Lemmy Kilmister passed away a year ago. Carrie Fisher and George Michael are now gone and I’m wondering if I should wait to write this as it seems like 2016 took away my childhood and I’m not sure if it’s done yet taking my heroes.

Update: <Sigh> Spoke too soon

The answer is of course not.  Unfortunately, it’s only the beginning.  The passing of time will always win.  I’m just glad I got to spend some time, listening, watching, absorbing and learning from so many people that pushed boundaries on our traditional values and expanded on our ability to accept and embrace others that previously did not have a voice to share their message.

c0s8qdtxcaex9sb Sgt. Peppers artwork updated to feature all the legends lost in 2016

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