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May is here which brings us to another edition of First Fridays at The Los Angeles Natural History Museum performing this month is a band composed of two cousins,  electronic duo Javelin.  Opening up the music festivities is musician/producer Helado Negro.

Don’t forget to arrive early to hear the discussion on Fossil Genes: Surprising Clues in the DNA Record of Evolution.  Just for fun, take the opposite viewpoint of  Dr. Sean B. Carroll.  Don’t forget all these discussions are archived for you enjoyment and available for download on iTunes.

Independent Label Market 2013



On Saturday afternoon get your fill of Independent music at the Independent Label Market.   It’ll be taking place 11 AM to 4 PM at Micheltorena Elementary in Silver Lake, with a gathering of your favorite LA indie labels.  There will be artist appearances, rare and exclusive releases, KXLU DJs all day, food trucks and more!

A would be remiss if I did not remind you that Saturday is also May the 4th (be with you) Day.  Head on over to the Egyptian Theatre for a screening of Return of the Jedi.  There are 3 shows that are already sold out but there will be a stand by line which will provide you with endless discussions with other fans and you can discuss who shot first Han or Greedo .  You can also wonder why this non-futuristic song that seems stuck in 1983 is played  during this scene.

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