Elvis Presley is 80

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935.  That would make him 80 this year.

Let this sink in.  Willie Nelson turns 82 in April and he’s still playing.

I could easily imagine Elvis taking a similar path like Willie and collaborating with contemporary artists and still playing shows.  How cool would it have been to see him perform with Springsteen or Jay-Z? And instead of showboating and relying on dance moves he would just rely on that magnificent voice and charismatic presence.

Paul McCartney is still around to keep pushing The Beatles catalog but since there was only one Elvis it’s tough to keep his music out there and exposed to a contemporary audience.

Las Vegas still does a good job of promoting The King as well as his home at  Graceland but the problem is a new generation is not getting exposed to his music.

People were half joking on Twitter when tweeting about this newcomer Paul McCartney  on the new Kanye West track but I imagine the same thing would happen with Elvis.

The last album to chart for Elvis was October 2002 with Elvis 30 #1 Hits.  That’s also the last time he charted in the Hot 100 with Junkie XL remix of “A Little Less Conversation” and Paul Oakenfold’s remix of “Rubberneckin’

I’m not worried about his music dying out but I do hope that people continue to seek out his story and the unique vision he created, because there was and always will be, only one KING.

By the way, if you want to own one of Elvis’ planes, the Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog II are both up for auction.  Happy bidding and long live The King!

Elvis Presley departs his plane The Lisa Marie

Elvis Presley departs his plane The Lisa Marie



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