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Herb Ritts

Like any great musician with a unique sound that can’t be duplicated, Herb Ritts has a unique style to his photographs.  Most of his photos contain one or more of the following styles, exaggerated physiques, elastic torsos that accentuate the human form and faces in the throes of ecstasy.  Like a great song, they’re fun […]

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Weekend in LA

Do you love The Who?  Do you love automobiles?  Well The Peterson Automobile Museum is hosting a listening party for The Who’s Quadrophenia.  I’m sure the sound will be a lot better than listening to it on your crappy computer speakers on  Spotify so go and enjoy! Extra cool points if you take your Vespa to […]

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Open Field Publicity Shots

Not to pile on Nickelback anymore,  but when I got this picture of Nickelback in a field, I was reminded of a piece I saw regarding bands and train tracks.  I thought of how many bands like to take pictures in an open field and look longingly at something that we can’t see; but the […]

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