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Storm Thorgerson

Though it was sad to learn of Storm Thorgerson‘s death, I think it was appropriate that he should pass during the week leading up to Record Store Day.  He was one of a few artists that made the album cover an art form.  I would call him the Salvador Dali of album art as I […]

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Weekend In LA

Perhaps one of my favorite singing in the car scenes comes courtesy of Tommy Boy Tommy boy   You can see it this Saturday in NoHo (that’s North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley) as it’s the featured movie for Eat.See.Hear.  Click on the photo of Tommy Boy giving his brother a hug to get […]

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Herb Ritts

Like any great musician with a unique sound that can’t be duplicated, Herb Ritts has a unique style to his photographs.  Most of his photos contain one or more of the following styles, exaggerated physiques, elastic torsos that accentuate the human form and faces in the throes of ecstasy.  Like a great song, they’re fun […]

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