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Perhaps you’ve heard of Lana Del Rey, maybe you have not.

In any case, in August 2011 her video for the song “Video Games” became a viral sensation and currently sits at over 20 million views. Tastemaker Pitchfork declared it the 19th best song of 2011.  In December her next video was released for “Born To Die” and has already garnered over 12 million views.  Earlier this month it was announced that she had signed a modeling contract with New Model Management.

Everything was in place except for Lana’s stage performance.  She performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend and thanks to Twitter the reviews were instantaneous.  This one has been retweeted the most.

If you Google Lana Del Rey SNL, you’ll see such headlines as Lana Del Rey’s ‘SNL‘ Performance Has Critics HowlingBrian Williams’ rip of ‘SNL‘ singer posted online and Was Lana Del Rey’s Performance Really the Worst in ‘SNL‘ History .

Was this so different from everyone’s reaction to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”?

Every year I read about bands that I’ve never heard of that I’m told are going to be huge but more times than not nothing substantial happens to their career.  Everyone wants to be first to declare the great new hope but they also want to be the first to tear them down.

This isn’t the end of Lana’s career.  It’s probably the start. The album isn’t even out yet. I’m betting this album will be pretty good and given time she may develop into a full-fledged artist.  The key is to give the artist time.   Lana was not allowed time.

Saturday Night Live was the big winner this week as I’m sure they got more hits to their website to see what exactly happened.

You can see for yourself by clicking on the photos.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Lana Del Rey Let's Not Get Carried Away Lana Del Rey



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2 Responses to Artist Development

  1. musicblog95 says:

    People shouldn’t hate on her just because of one performance. She deserves a chance – anyway, I for one think she’ll be successful enough. Within weeks her first an international/viral hit? She definitely has more in store for us!

  2. […] the opposite spectrum sits Lana Del Rey.  Many people are calling her career DOA based on her SNL performance.    Lana was interviewed by Rolling Stone regarding the performance and she seems to take it in […]

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