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Get Out To A Record Store

Saturday is Record Store Day and besides having a number of cool items, many stores are planning their own unique good times.  Fun Fact: The record scene is THRIVING! There are many, many record stores around the LA area.   You can check out other participating record stores at this link. Here’s what’s happening at LA’s […]

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Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day is here. While I still love the idea of spreading the love and joy of record shopping, it definitely is a double-edged sword as people line up around the block of their local record store to pay high retail prices for what may or may not be collector’s items.  That said, there […]

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New Music Tuesday

Edge of the Sun by Calexico Calexico music reflects on the music they’ve been exposed to from the Southwest area to California for over 15 years now and it still sounds as fresh as when they arrived on the scene in 1997.   Mix in Latin, Mexican and California Surf music with Spaghetti Western sounds and you kind […]

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Bands with similar sounding names

Opening act for Benjamin Booker last week at The Roxy was a band playing Coachella this year from Leeds called Eagulls.  They really knocked me out.  Lead singer George Mitchell sounds like Robert Smith and the band reminds me of the shoe gazer bands of the 90s like the recently reunited Ride.  But the band’s […]

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AC/DC 1981

For those about to rock at Coachella, here’s a reminder that AC/DC should be saluted.  They are still Rock Gods among us mere mortals.  Here is a vintage concert from Landover, MD 1981 of AC/DC on their For Those About To Rock tour.  If anything watch just the first five minutes as this almost spills into […]

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Get Out

Now that all the hipsters are out in the desert at Coachella, we’ve got the whole city to ourselves.  Rejoice! Since last Friday was Good Friday, this Friday gets to be First Fridays at The Natural History Museum. This month features a really great lineup with White Fence and Cherry Glazzer and because all the […]

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Coachella Top 10 2015

As someone in the upper, upper demos for Coachella, there are far many different options of music to check out then for someone that’s just going for the  EDM all weekend long.  But for those who like to rock, we salute you.  Here are my top ten favorites from each day of the festival.  My […]

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Brian Wilson’s Year

Now over 50 years into his career, it looks like 2015 is going to be one of Brian Wilson‘s most productive. Last month saw a celebration of the music of Brian Wilson.  Here’s Al Jardine, Norah Jones and Brian singing “Surfer Girl” Brian’s new album “No Pier Pressure” comes out today.  Late last year in […]

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Hitters Walk Up Music

Opening week of baseball.  Everyone feels positive this will be there year.  Good vibes all around.  By the month of May excuses start and questions arise.  Each game brings new hope and each at bat gives the player a  chance to make something happen.  Part of the fun is the music a player selects to pump him […]

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Get well soon, Joni

I never like to hear the times I discover Rock Stars aren’t as immortal as I often think they are.  Joni Mitchell was admitted to the hospital on March 31.  Her website posted this frightening update: “Joni was found unconscious in her home this afternoon. She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride to an L.A. […]

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