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New Music Tuesday

For those of you thrilled that Kate Bush has returned to the stage but are disappointed that she does not currently have any new material, look no further than Detroit resident Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond.  Like Kate Bush, you can hear traces of classical,  cabaret, jazz and pop music in each song.  The latest […]

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Mercury Prize 2014

  Looking for some great new music?  A great way become aware of the finest on the other side of the Atlantic is the Mercury Prize.  This list of 12 albums salutes the  best music released by British and Irish artists between September 10 2013 and September 8,  2014.   Primal Scream “Screamadelica” won the first award in […]

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Free Music Friday

In honor  the chucklefest known as the  Oddball Festival this weekend.  Here are a number of comedians singing or talking about songs just for you.  Be warned these are comedians that have potty mouths so this is NSFW.  Enjoy! Sarah Silverman Louis CK Aziz Anzari Hannibal Buress Bill Burr Reggie Watts Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]

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Get Out

Comedy is thy name this weekend or more accurately as Bart Simpson accurately pointed out “Comedy, Thy name is Krusty” (go to 2:30 to hear the quote or better yet, just watch the whole thing) Yes, this weekend The Simpsons invade The Hollywood Bowl.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, but I do know […]

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U2 Gets It

It’s a game of one upmanship. It started with Radiohead allowing listeners to name their price to Beyonce announcing on Instagram the release of her new album  to Tom Petty giving away his album with each concert ticket purchase and now U2 just giving their music to everyone that owns a computer. I was actually quite […]

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New Music Tuesday

You can’t mention Robert Plant without mentioning Led Zeppelin….Okay now that that’s done let’s talk about lullaby and…The Ceasless Roar.  Now 32 years of  truly wonderous solo work, I am truly surprised that Robert Plant is not in the Rock Hall yet.  Can we get that fixed already? I’m reachin’ for the stars In the […]

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Banned From Saturday Night Live

The Tonight Show posted a teasing video of the last time The Replacements played at the 30 Rock address on January 18, 1986. They played Bastards Of Young.  I’m not quite sure but I think alcohol may have had a part in their performance not to mention their dress And I think because the wheels […]

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Joan Rivers Late Show Show Music Guests

I will always admire Joan Rivers ability to adapt to the changing times.  Her comedy material for over forty years relied on the theme  “I’m not pretty and I can’t compete against these other women” but she worked that theme to a tea moving from stand-up, to Grammy winner, to best selling author to talk show host […]

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Get Out

Summer may seem like it’s over but you can still enjoy the beach while grooving to some fine tunes. You know them as the band that invades your Facebook feed because all your friends are sharing the latest video from OK Go.  Thursday they take to the beach for the Santa Monica Twilight Series.  Fun fact: […]

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September Songs

September represents the start of school,  the time to put away those shorts and begin a new chapter in your life or reflect on times past.  This is probably the reason there are more songs with September in the title than January.  January may represent a new year but it’s still winter, nothing has really […]

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