2012 Concert Tours

This year looks to be quite an eventful one when it comes to major artist tours this year.  Here are a few to prepare you.  Start saving your money now.

Yes, the group of Van Halen, Van Halen, Van Halen and Roth will meet up in your local hockey arenas this summer where you will prepare by finding your best zebra print outfit and loading up the Dodge Dart with some PBR’s and talk about how punk sucks, metal rules and Madonna can go to Mars, man!   Oh, Heavy Metal Parking Lot…how I love you!

Are you ready to party like it’s 1962? Well, The Beach Boys and probably the Rolling Stones will hit the circuit this year by celebrating their 50th anniversaries.

The Beach Boys will have Brian Wilson with them for the first time since 1965.    Brian stopped touring so he could focus on the studio work to create Pet Sounds and then on the infamously never completed until 2011, Smile! LP.  Mike Love and Al Jardine were not happy with the musical direction Brian was taking them and Brian had his depression and drug use issues to contend with so some 46 years later everyone is happy and ready to have some Fun Fun Fun.

As far as The Rolling Stones are concerned, who knows?

I’m sure they’ve got something up their sleeves and there will be some sort of acknowledgment of their anniversary.  One idea I’d love to see would be for former guitarist Mick Taylor to join them for some dates. Think about it, I ain’t too proud to beg

Other big shows this year will include Radiohead, The Black Keys, Coldplay, Roger Waters stadium tour of The Wall and the soon to be announced Fleetwood Mac dates.

Of course this does not include Coachella which is coming up in April for two separate weekends of insanity.  Lineups will be announced soon.

Money will be spent soon too

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