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Weekend in LA

There are a couple of fun things I can recommend this weekend. First off is the Make Music Pasadena festival.  They have got some great artists performing, it’s all ages and it’s FREE! Just back from Bonnaroo you can catch Best Coast and if you love them you might want to check out La Sera.  If you […]

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Singing in cars

Singing in the car. Everyone does it, especially in the movies. Click on the photos to see some of my favorites (Wayne’s World and Bohemian Rhapsody has been excluded due to overplay) I think the movie The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon may contain my favorite singing in a car scene. Bookmark on […]

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Coming Up

Unless you’re a Fanilow, there really isn’t anything new to get too excited about this week. There is a re-release of two Paul McCartney albums, McCartney from 1970 and McCartney II from 1980. McCartney is significant in that it signaled the end of the Beatles.  Paul even included his own Q&A with advance copies to the press […]

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Naughty Lyrics

As I was watching Super 8 this weekend and the soundtrack of my life from the late ’70s played, I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED to hear that dirty lyrics were prevalent to my young impressionable ears. Take for instance Undercover Angel by Alan O’Day. Click on the picture to see the song matched up with Charlie’s […]

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Bonnaroo without the mud

Bonnaroo, one of the premier festival events in the United States is this weekend.   “The word Bonnaroo, popularized by New Orleans R&B giant Dr. John with his 1974 album Desitively Bonnaroo means “a really good time.” It is a Ninth Ward slang construction taken from the French “bon” meaning “good,” and “rue” from the French “street,” translating to “the […]

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Weekend in LA

Ahhhh….summer, the beach and Adam Sandler.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad.  Friday is a screening of 50 First Dates at the Santa Monica pier and promises  free fresh-flower lei’s and free Hawaiian edible treats.  Information can be found here.  Daniel Ho of The Coconutz (yes, that is a z to prove how coco-nutty they […]

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While people are now gravitating to e-books as their reading preference I still prefer the idea of someone reading to me. I am currently finishing up  “A Visit From The Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan.  Jennifer won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with this work.  The story follows a number of characters in youth and […]

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Vinyl, digital or other?

As I’m sure you all are aware, the CD format is slowly dying.  While I don’t think there will ever be a suitable replacement for the vinyl album, I recognize that my kids still do the same things I did as a kid only in a virtual way.  My older daughter finds the songs she […]

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Lonely Boy/Don’t You Want Me

Once again I turn to the obituary page to find inspiration for today’s post. I was eleven years old when I become obsessed with top 40 radio and one of the first songs I remember gravitating to was Andrew Gold’s Lonely Boy about a neglected youth.   I would later figure out that Harry Chapin […]

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National Donut Day

How’s it going, eh? It’s the first Friday in June which means it’s National Donut Day so I thought I would salute my favorite donut loving siblings The McKenzie Brothers. You might be saying, who?  Rick Moranis (Bob)  is probably best remembered from Ghostbusters and those Honey I Shrunk The Kids movies.  Dave Thomas (Doug) […]

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