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I’m not sure what is they are inhaling in the land down under but I approve.  The latest band in the Australian Psych sound to follow in the steps of Tame Impala and Pond is Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

“Marmalade March” is the first single from their album High Visceral {Part 1}  It’s driving, it’s swirling, it’s about to go off the rails and yet remains consistent.  Sample lyrics prove that they’re clearly off their rockers.

I lost my sense But I found a friend to talk
Addicted to fluorescent minds
and colourful dialogue
his ideas are all pear shaped
Cause his brain and his heart are divorced
From a time long before me

I hope they can find their way to the States one day.

#newmusic is up! Have a listen @ soundcloud.com/mattreagan

It sounds like Matt Reagan is trying to break free from his band 2AM Club.  2AM Club is/was another white soul band in the vein of Maroon 5  or Jason Mraz.  They released one album in 2010 produced by Talking Heads Jerry Harrison and released on RCA.   Matt’s now trying to align himself sonically between Sheer Mag and Day Wave.  Matt calls “All Right” “a cross between rock and melodic indie pop”.  I can’t dispute this claim.  I hope this San Francisco kid will make it down to LA soon.


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