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30 Days Of Dead November 2015

30 Days Of Dead November 2015

November is not only the month of Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday but it’s also the month that gives us 30 Days of Dead.  Each day brings a new live track to download for free and enjoy for all eternity.  Below are the first two songs this year.  To steal a lyric from the day 2 song “Crazy Fingers”

“Life may be sweeter for this”

Amen to 30 Days Of Dead.

Day 1 “Sunrise” Originally on the 1977 album “Terrapin Station

Live version: Toronto, ON, Canada, Field House – Seneca College


Day 2 “Crazy Fingers” Originally on the 1975 album “Blues For Allah

Live version: San Francisco, CA, Orpheum Theatre

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