What to expect in 2015

One of the reasons to love pop music is its unpredictability.  You might know of new releases and new concert tours but you never know which new release will meet those expectations (Taylor Swift) and which will end with a thud  (U2).  The good news is it’s the new year and both Taylor and U2 will get a chance to prove their worth once again with major tours.  With that in mind, here are a five things to look forward to in 2015.

U2: Once Bono returns from what has turned out to be a horrifying biking accident, U2 will take to the road in “intimate” arena shows.   There has never been a U2 album that has divided its fanbase so much.   It should be interesting to see how U2 presents itself in these shows to prove to fans that their best days are not behind them.  Also expect to see a new album from them in 2015, most likely it will be before their tour starts in May 2015 and I’m betting it will not automatically appear in your iTunes library.

Bob Dylan le canta a Frank Sinatra y publica nuevo discoShadows in the Night

Bob Dylan:  “Crooner” Bob Dylan has an album of Frank Sinatra covers coming out.  Will that mean he will once again confound fans by playing only Sinatra covers and shows this year?

Coachella is already sold out.  It just doesn’t matter who plays.  It’s become like Studio 54 in the 70s; a scene to be seen.  Although for music fans the lineup hardly ever fails to achieve a level of surprise and excitement.  The fun for me is guessing the lineup which should be announced very soon.   There is always a Classic Rock/90s Indie rock element to each show so I’m going to guess that we might see The Rolling Stones and/or AC/DC this year and I’ll venture a reunion of Oasis is in order and hell, let’s also guess that Oasis rival,  Blur will play too.

Sleater-Kinney: Speaking of 90s Indie Rock icons I’m so thrilled that Sleater-Kinney is back.  The new album comes out this month, the tour starts up in February and I’m sure they’ll also play at Coachella.

 Kanye West for GQ - July 2014 - BN Music - BellaNaija.com 02 (1)

Songs about babys: Kanye West and Adele have at least two things in common.  They are new parents and  highly anticipated albums should be released from both this year.  Expect to hear many songs about the wonders of parenthood.  Actually that’s not a prediction as Kanye has already released his first single which is about his deceased mother speaking with Kanye’s newborn daughter. If or when Adele’s album will come out is anyone’s guess. Perhaps a December surprise ala Beyonce in 2013 and D’Angelo in 2014 is in order?  Only time will tell.



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