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I finally got to cross seeing a Weird Al Yankovic show off of my bucket list and he did not disappoint.  It’s actually kind of surreal seeing his show in that you realize how long he’s actually been a pop cultural reference point for over three decades.  The show is a salute to everything Weird Al, sure he performs all the songs you would expect (except for his first hit “My Bologna”) but during his costume changes various videos appeared in which it seemed literally every mention of Weird Al was played up on the screen.  There was everything from a mention on “Friends” to an appearance on “The Simpsons” to a reference involving the genesis of Like A Surgeon (actually it was a Paul McCartney reference but I could only find the Madonna clip online) on “How I Met Your Mother“.  Basically it was a salute to everything Weird Al.  I hope it’s a long way away but when Weird Al passes, it’s good to know we already have the perfect montage of his work and it was all in a two hour show.  We all know the songs so here were a few of the in-between video highlights. Stay weird.

Weird Al is so brilliant that he turned this (Go to 1:10 to get to the reference but watch the whole thing because it’s awesome)


Into this…

It is mind blowing how he continues to be relevant and keep his inner child alive for us all and in doing so unites us all through stupid parody songs.  We’re very fortunate to be living in the time of Weird Al and it all started with a song about luncheon meat.

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