Weekend In LA

It’s Halloween weekend so put the finishing touches on your Honey Boo  Boo or Zombie Honey Boo Boo costumes and strut your stuff at one or more of the following events.

There is nothing more theatrical, awesome and spectacular than Mexican Masked Wrestling, throw in striptease and comedy and it’s a can’t miss proposition.   This is exactly what you’ll find at Lucha Va Voom.  It’s at the creepy Mayan Theatre and they promise an evening of Aztec Horror!  Awesome!  Click on the photo for more information.

Lucha Va Voom Halloween 2012

Back in the 80s and early 90s, Oingo Boingo used to play the Universal Amphitheatre every Halloween.  Sadly for us but not for front man Danny Elfman who’s carved out quite a career now as a movie soundtrack composer they no longer play together but of course there are tribute bands and this weekend “Dead Man’s Party” plays the Canyon Club in Agoura.  Here’s the video for their namesake.  Is it me or does 80s era Danny Elfman look like Carrot Top?  Creepy.

Danny Elfman Let's Not Get Carried Away Carrot Top

Last, but certainly not least are scary movies and no one does it up better than Cinefamily.  They’re having Halloween events all week but the one that caught my attention is the


This evening promises “a curated evening of episodes from a secret selection of spine-chilling ‘90s TV shows — along with shorts, supercuts, dank dranks, a Snap Yourself! photo booth, a s’mores bar, a ragin’ campfire and and festival-style activities.”

They had me at s’mores bar


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