Weekend In LA

Do you like bike riding at night to places unknown to see music performances?  Well I might have the thing for you.

It’s called the FMLY Ride and I believe they also do this in New York.  It starts on Saturday at Media Park in Culver City and where they take you, I have not a clue.  But you will see bands.

Religious Girls
Twin Steps
Wild Pack of Canaries
Professor Calculus 

Are any of them good?  I don’t know, but getting there will be the adventure.  More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Perhaps you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, where sitting on your butt watching Star Wars would be your ideal night.  I think you might like Star Wars in Concert at The Hollywood Bowl this Friday and Saturday and narrated by Anthony Daniels aka C3PO.  Go to this, you must.

Perhaps, you want to go back in time to Junior High when you desperately wanted to make out with that girl in Algebra…why won’t you even look at me!!!!  (sigh, not me.).  I think that I might run into that girl at the Greek Theatre on Saturday and relive the time when High Infidelity ruled the world.  That’s right, REO Speedwagon is playing at The Greek Theatre (minus the fros and the awesome mustaches and puka shells)

Fresh off his drunk driving arrest you can also see the guy who rhymed cute and moot in Jesse’s Girl, that would be the one and only Dr. Noah Drake.

Tickets are still available and discounted at Goldstar.  Don’t be afraid to flaunt your old school shirt like Billy Madison.

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