Weekend in LA

Well I guess I have to re-do today’s entry as I can no longer recommend the Sunset Junction.  What started out as a small get together in 1980 for families in the Silver Lake area has expanded into a two-day music festival and party.  But with that comes costs, $142,000 to be exact in unpaid fees from the last two years.  Oh well, maybe next year we can see The Butthole Surfers and Hanson on the same bill.

Fortunately there’s a few other fun things we can do this weekend.  This Saturday The Getty Museum’s “Saturday’s Off The 405” series continues with Charles Bradley.  Charles sings the blues like he truly has the blues which will be difficult to pull off when you’ve got that beautiful LA skyline to look at.

On the completely  opposite musical spectrum, the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest will be screening Mama Mia!  This doesn’t excite me but the food fest part does.  Food trucks like The Greasy Wiener, Kabob n’ Roll, Slap Yo Mama and Me So Hungry will make an appearance.  Is it me or are food truck names getting more creative than band names?  Speaking of bands, The New Limb will play before the movie.  Make sure to request their version of a Bizarre Love Triangle/Time After Time Medley.

All the sexy people (including yours truly) will be at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday for the Serge Gainsbourg Tribute.  Beck, Sean Lennon and Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear will perform songs from Serge’s catalog.  Serge dated Brigitte Bardot and created the sexiest song of all time.

You can learn more about Serge’s life in a movie that is being released this year called Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life

I expect a lot of smoking, drinking and making out at The Bowl tonight so look for me.  I’ll be the guy sitting awkwardly in the corner.

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