Veteran Musicians

Veterans are ordinary citizens doing amazing work.  Occasionally a few also become proficient at making music.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

Elvis Presley ArmyJohnny Cash Air Force Jimi Hendrix Army Ice T Army

Elvis Presley
Army: March 1958 and March 1960

Johnny Cash
Air Force: July 1950- July 1954

Jimi Hendrix
Army: May 1961-June 1962

Ice T
Army 1976-1980

Sammy Davis Jr. Army Willie Nelson Air Force

Sammy Davis Jr.

Willie Nelson
Air Force 1950

Maynard James Keenan Army MC Hammer Navy  Tony Bennett Army

Maynard  James Kennan of A Perfect Circle and Tool

MC Hammer

Tony Bennett
Army November 1944-1946

Rob Riggle: Not  a musician but served in the Marines and gives me the opportunity to post this.


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